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15mins $25  /  1/2hr $40   /   incorp in your beauty treatment 15mins $20.
“Reiki can never and will never belong to just one person or one organization

REIKI, what does it mean?

REIKI (pronounced ray – key) is derived from two Japanese words: “rei,” meaning “Universal Spirit”, “ki” meaning “life force energy” Combined, Reiki means – Universal Life Force Energy

Reiki is a pure, simple powerful and amazing ancient Japanese natural energy healing system and can also be an enlightening spiritual practice, which compliments your existing faith or belief system.

This form of energy healing is becoming increasingly recognized for its ability to heal on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) and promote total holistic wellbeing. It energizes and heals the body, reduces stress and works in conjunction with other healthcare and medical treatments. Reiki Healing Treatments can be deeply relaxing and extremely therapeutic, ultimately bringing about a sense of balance and holistic wellbeing.

It is a gentle, non-evasive, hands on or hands above method of healing on all levels. The Practitioner places her hands above the energy centers of the body (you are fully clothed) with the intent that healing occur, the energy then, beginning to flow. You can never receive too much or too little of Reiki healing and Reiki never harms, having the intelligence to flow and give where needed.

Reiki energy is passed on to the Client through the channeling of the Reiki Practitioner. Each Reiki treatment is unique; all will experience different feelings. Some will feel heat, tingles, coldness; some will go into a deep relaxation state that they may begin to snore! Something that is very common and is welcomed.

Why do we have energy blockages? – Whenever our issues / problems are not dealt with, we hold on to them, therefore creating negative energy, which in turn blocks the good energy flow. So it is up to us to cast off negativity, to be able to accept positive thought, change and healing Reiki provides healing to the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental issues in our life:

Reduces / Eliminates – Releases blocked and suppressed Emotions, stress, anxiety, depression, pain from injury / operation
Increases – Vitality and energy, calmness, creativity, awareness, personal development, happiness, emotional healing, peace
Improves – Clarity, relationships, confidence, inner peace, patience, boosts and strengthens immune system
Reiki works on clearing/unblocking the Chakra’s within the body.

The seven chakras:
Various Eastern concepts, philosophies and theories refer to the ‘chakras’, for example Reiki and Yoga. So do modern-day European concepts of Spiritual Healing. References to chakras being bodily centres of feeling or consciousness appeared in ancient Indian writings about Yoga as early as 200 BC.

Typically seven chakras are referenced, and these are certainly the main ones on which theories focus, although various systems and doctrines consider that other chakras exist.

The seven chakras are generally thought of as being centres of energy within the human body, aligned with the spine, which correspond to our feelings, and emotional and behavioural characteristics. Each chakra is also commonly associated with an organ and bodily function, and is usually represented by a colour, and a 1-7 numbering system.

A person’s body, mind and spiritual well-being are balanced and healthy when all of their chakras are ‘clear’. When chakras are ‘blocked’, the related functions and feelings will be adversely affected; also the balance of the person is upset because other chakras are forced to compensate.

The seven chakras (numbered according to the chakra system) are located at the following points of the body, along the line of the spine:
1   base of the spine
2  lower abdomen/lower back (below navel)
3   solar plexus (between the navel and base of sternum, which is the central vertical  bone in the rib-cage)
4   heart (centre of chest)
5  throat (base of neck)
6   brow (lower forehead, between eyes)
7   crown (top of the head)

The lower chakras govern our more basic instincts related to survival and physical self.
The higher chakras govern our mental characteristics and feelings related to thought and consciousness.

When all chakras are open and balanced, the mind, body and spiritual self, are healthy. Reiki is one of several techniques and methodologies which can ‘open’ or ‘free’ chakras that are blocked.

The seven chakras

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How I eliminated my pain, inflammation and cured my insomnia of 9 years…

I thought it was time I shared my story …….

After many years of trying A LOT of various creams, potions, holistic therapies, supplements, healthcare professionals and so on, for my back and joint pain, insomnia and fatigue I was beginning to despair.  NOTHING seemed to work!  I suffered for nine years with insomnia and fatigue and for over fifteen years with back pain. I put up with the pain, thinking… it’s job related and unless I change careers there’s not a lot else in can do but manage it.

Then along came my gorgeous daughter. The baby that keeps you awake all night and only slept during the day from pure exhaustion on her part I am sure. Colic, reflux, she had it all and she screamed all night. It wasn’t fun for either of us. Along came phase two for me…. insomnia, I am not one for sleeping during the day so the whole sleep with the baby sleep wasn’t a happening thing for me; I am a woman of action!  And my baby slept only 1 hour between feeds and screaming, so there was not a lot of time for me to begin the sleep cycle before the 3-4 hours were up and it was feeding time again.

My baby and I eventually found losec and she was happy, content and sleeping like nothing before, well shall we just say better than before, she still gets me up at night 9 yrs. on…..  Alas, my ongoing insomnia…. So she was sleeping her regular set sleeps, of course waking in the night but not awake all night- screaming in pain, but there I was awake, night after night….  As a first time mum I did all the usual things mums do, constantly listening out for her to wake and getting no sleep myself, my diet was erratic and I often turned to energy foods that were more often than not, higher in sugar, or coffee to keep me going, hey I switched to decaf thinking that will help….. It didn’t…. so erratic diet, working mamma, child whom didn’t like bed time and took two hours to get to sleep…. This situation led to increased pain and increased insomnia due to inflammatory foods and the lack of sleep causing more pain and inflammation; it was a vicious circle I couldn’t seem to break.

So much joy in our house there was, NOT! After two and half years this situation took its toll and impacted on my marriage which eventually ended. Despite the exhaustion and lack of support I was a typical mum that felt I had to do it all. The old saying if “I knew then what I know now and all…” Yeah, that’s me but hey, life goes on and now I’m a single working mamma. So yeah the insomnia was there for the long haul, through the breakdown of the marriage, through the newly coming to grips with single parenting, through the running my own business and juggling finances alone. Oh the joys of divorce.

As time went by I tried many things to help me sleep, to fix my back pain and nothing worked long term. I might get relief for a day or two or sleep one night out of seven but it wasn’t enough and chronic fatigue was setting in. I had just gotten used to living this way and functioning this way. Many people in my life had no idea how I was feeling or coping. My life became very insular and was all about being the best mum I could be and keeping my business going. I even studied and took a slight side step with my career, I look back and wonder HOW I did any of that at the time, with very little sleep, but I did it and it was just how life was for me. I still had dreams and aspirations but I wasn’t ready to let my body take charge of my life. Some days it put up a good fight however.

During my studying I meet Laura who lives in NYC. She introduced me to an amazing product line.  I was sceptical due to my profession and I wasn’t interested in a random product line that wasn’t clinic only. I was a typical closed minded beauty professional back then. But I trusted Laura and I listened to what she had to say, I spent a few months researching the product and the company before I got involved. I tried the products and fell in love with them. My biggest concern was the business aspect, network marketing. This was new to me and I wasn’t sure it was my cup of tea at all. However, I joined, for the products and it’s the best thing I have ever done, for my business, for my clients, for my future both health wise and financially.

There is a whole skincare line that I instantly fell in love with and my skin has never looked better, I get compliments daily, it’s like I am improving with age and what woman doesn’t want to do that? Then came the nutritional line, it launched in NZ end of  2016, 6 months after I’m become a walking billboard for the skincare, hair care and makeup lines, I then thought well it’s not really my type of thing this whole nutrition thing but I will try it, I get it at wholesale so hey! ☺

Initially I tried the nutritional line to try and loose a little weight, and so I was able to say I have tried it and this is what I think….!  It has worked wonderfully and has helped me maintain my weight along the way, and I love that the programme is so easy for a busy person. I lost 5kg in the first 30 days. Now I do the maintenance programme with a few naughty treats along the way and I have kept off the 6kg I lost for over six months now. It’s amazing for me who finds it tough to lose weight even with exercise and diet; I was the eternal yoyo-err. So to have maintained my 6 kg loss is simply amazing for me.

Nevertheless, it’s the ‘side effects’ that have really hooked me and made me a huge advocate for these products. By doing the Arbonne 30 days of healthy living and beyond it has meant I have lessened or eliminated foods and ingredients that have for years caused massive amounts of inflammation in my system, causing not only chronic back and joint pain but also chronic fatigue paired with chronic insomnia for nine years! I was not doing well at all…….  This programmed has pretty much 99% cleared my inflammation and in turn stopped my chronic pain. No more chronic fatigue and I am sleeping like a baby most night for the first time in 9 years, due to the simple fact that my body is no longer in constant pain and I am getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals my body has craved for years, in the exact dose that I need to lead a healthy and happy life. Literally sleeping 7-8 hr most nights AND I feel amazing.  I have energy again, my moods and hormone levels are better than EVER, and I hardly every think about pain as it’s very rarely noticeable. It flares up literally if I have increased sugars from sweet treats or alcohol, or if I don’t get enough sleep. If I avoid those foods and sleep, I am pain free. I am not spending a fortune anymore on healthcare practitioners and potions or taking drugs to get to sleep. If I simply stick to my healthy living programme I am my old self again after 9 yrs. of …….. Well let’s call it a very challenging time that I can gleefully say it is over and I am looking forward to a healthy and happy life once again.

The future looks bright!

If you would like to learn more about my healthy living programme or this business call me and let’s chat. 100% guaranteed you will fall in love, like I have, or your money back! I promise!

Let me mentor you into the best YOU there is…

– Kimberlee Sweeney.

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