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15mins $35  /  1/2hr $65   /   incorp 20mins  in your beauty treatment  $40. – a wonderful addition to your facial treatment or body massage

“Reiki can never and will never belong to just one person or one organization. its an energy exchange between client, spirit and practitioner.

REIKI, what does it mean?

REIKI (pronounced ray – key) is derived from two Japanese words: “rei,” meaning “Universal Spirit”, “ki” meaning “life force energy” Combined, Reiki means – Universal Life Force Energy

Reiki is a pure, simple powerful and amazing ancient Japanese natural energy healing system and can also be an enlightening spiritual practice, which compliments your existing faith or belief system.

This form of energy healing is becoming increasingly recognized for its ability to heal on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) and promote total holistic wellbeing. It energizes and heals the body, reduces stress and works in conjunction with other healthcare and medical treatments. Reiki Healing Treatments can be deeply relaxing and extremely therapeutic, ultimately bringing about a sense of balance and holistic wellbeing.

It is a gentle, non-evasive, hands on or hands above method of healing on all levels. The Practitioner places her hands above the energy centers of the body (you are fully clothed) with the intent that healing occur, the energy then, beginning to flow. You can never receive too much or too little of Reiki healing and Reiki never harms, having the intelligence to flow and give where needed.

Reiki energy is passed on to the Client through the channeling of the Reiki Practitioner. Each Reiki treatment is unique; all will experience different feelings. Some will feel heat, tingles, coldness; some will go into a deep relaxation state that they may begin to snore! Something that is very common and is welcomed.

Why do we have energy blockages? – Whenever our issues / problems are not dealt with, we hold on to them, therefore creating negative energy, which in turn blocks the good energy flow. So it is up to us to cast off negativity, to be able to accept positive thought, change and healing Reiki provides healing to the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental issues in our life:

Reduces / Eliminates – Releases blocked and suppressed Emotions, stress, anxiety, depression, pain from injury / operation
Increases – Vitality and energy, calmness, creativity, awareness, personal development, happiness, emotional healing, peace
Improves – Clarity, relationships, confidence, inner peace, patience, boosts and strengthens immune system

Reiki works on clearing/unblocking the Chakra’s within the body.

The seven chakras:
Various Eastern concepts, philosophies and theories refer to the ‘chakras’, for example Reiki and Yoga. So do modern-day European concepts of Spiritual Healing. References to chakras being bodily centres of feeling or consciousness appeared in ancient Indian writings about Yoga as early as 200 BC.

Typically seven chakras are referenced, and these are certainly the main ones on which theories focus, although various systems and doctrines consider that other chakras exist.

The seven chakras are generally thought of as being centres of energy within the human body, aligned with the spine, which correspond to our feelings, and emotional and behavioural characteristics. Each chakra is also commonly associated with an organ and bodily function, and is usually represented by a colour, and a 1-7 numbering system.

A person’s body, mind and spiritual well-being are balanced and healthy when all of their chakras are ‘clear’. When chakras are ‘blocked’, the related functions and feelings will be adversely affected; also the balance of the person is upset because other chakras are forced to compensate.

The seven chakras (numbered according to the chakra system) are located at the following points of the body, along the line of the spine:
1  Root Chakra – emotional identity, self gratification, sexulality
2  Base or Sacral Chakra- Emotional identity, self gratification, sexuality.
3  Solar plexus Chakra – Ego identity, self definitions, cheer and up lifting.
4  Heart Chakra – Balance and harmony, growth and new beginning, self acceptance.
5  Throat Chakra – Release of physical tension, expression, cleansing, communication.
6  Third Eye Chakra – Self reflection, vision, protection, and wisdom
7  Crown Chakra- Cleansing and clarity, thought and self knowledge, wisdom and opens you up to spirituality.

The lower chakras govern our more basic instincts related to survival and physical self.
The higher chakras govern our mental characteristics and feelings related to thought and consciousness.

When all chakras are open and balanced, the mind, body and spiritual self, are healthy. Reiki is one of several techniques and methodologies which can ‘open’ or ‘free’ chakras that are blocked.

The seven chakras

1/2hr $55  /  3/4hr $79  /  1hr

A holistic, healing massage that incorporates hot stones, crystals (if you so wish) and aromatherapy essential oil blends. Mineral rich Basalt stones are heated to a warm temperature and used with massage to draw out the muscle pain and discomfort and deeply relax both your muscles and you. It’s like having a holiday!! The best kind of quick effective stress relief for your mind body and spirit!     Combine with Reiki for a deeper form of relaxation, stress relief and sense of well-being.


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