Ultraceuticals Facials And Peel Treatments

ULTRACEUTICALS Facials And Peel Treatments

The Beauty Suite UltraCeuticals skin treatments  will include the revolutionary Ultra Sonophoresis machine. This is a low frequency Sonophoresis that infuses Vitamin A and C into the skin by momentarily creating little spaces in the skin, allowing a greater absorption of the applied product specific to your skins needs. The result is a visible improvement in the evenness and hydration of skin.

Skin Basic’s Deep Cleanse    45mins   $99

Designed to refresh and revive while cleansing all traces of dirt, grime and makeup that accumulate deep down within the pores, includes extractions and a mask. For all skin types.

Skin Firming Treatment   30mins $99

A combination of refining and plumping designed to effectively firm and hydrate the skin. A great lunch time boost to combat visible signs of ageing and have you back at work within the hour. It’s like a mini makeover!

Skin Barrier Repair Treatment    60mins  $150    or $170 with sonophoresis infusion     or $190 with AHA Peel

A relaxing hands on facial treatment which includes a face, neck and décolletage massage.  This treatment is designed to balance and repair the skin, intensely nourish and calming as well as anti ageing focused.  Products applied will vary depending in skin type. This facial includes a full skin consultation and extractions if required. Along with a hand and arm treatment.     For all skin types.

Vitamin Eye Treatment  15mins   $35 with a facial       or 30mins $65               Course of 6 weekly treatments for $400 inc a take home treatment eye cream.

High strength vitamins antioxidants and moisturisers are delivered to the skin using Sonophoresis infusion to smooth, plump hydrate and tone the delicate eye area.


Lactic Peels 30%  or  50%  –  $110      or  $130  with sonophoresis infusion- 30mins

Lactic peels are excellent for resurfacing the skin reducing the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation and uneven texture. Lactic peels also increase skin hydration.

For increased results it is recommended 1 peel every two weeks as a course of 6.

Pre pay for a course 5 lactic or mandelic peels and receive 1 free.

Ultra Mandelic Peel $130  –      or  $150  with sonophoresis infusion  – 30mins

Mandelic Peels are derived from bitter almonds, is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which helps to efficiently eliminate dead skin cells, counteract excess oil on the skin, unblock pores, breakdown intercellular bonds and activate the skin’s natural regeneration cycle. Mandelic Acid is ideal for all skin types and concerns. We have trialled it extensively on oily,acneic, congested and problematic skin conditions combined with homecare with amazing results. It is also a peel used extensively on pigmentaion for fading and reducing.

The Mandelic Peel Treatment is also be recommended for skin showing the visible signs of aging. It can assist minimising hyperpigmentation, help to refine course texture and diminish finelines and wrinkles for a radiant, clearer and brighter looking complexion. Also works well for ageing / hyperpigmentation skins in combination with the A zyme peels as a course.

The Ultra Brightening Accelerator Mask– contains a powerful blend of 8 skin brightening agents including
Artocarpus Extract, Pterostilbene and a combination of Alpine plant extracts.
The ingredients in the Ultra Brightening Accelerator Mask work to rapidly break pigmentation.
This is an ideal complement to a course of peels or an alternative to a peel for clients seeking a different treatment option which offers less downtime.
Per treatment $140
Course of 4 $500
Added to a 1 hr ultra facial for $50 extra

A Zyme Peel     30mins   $185  course of 4 peels $625

A revolutionary treatment combines fast acting potent ingredients, Retinols and Bromelain to refresh, refine, intensely hydrate, firm and plump the skin. An ideal peel for ageing, pigmentation and acne also, minimal down time. A perfect ‘lunch time peel’.  Scientifically proven formula individually prepared under strict quality controls. A peel with little discomfort and minimal redness. Creates a uniform peeling action 2-3 days post peel.  Improves clarity, radiance, pigmentation, assists to unclog pores.  From Acne to ageing this peel is effective for all skin conditions. Recc one peel every 2-3 weeks and monthly thereafter.

Ultra Back Smoothing Treatment  30min $99 course of 4 $320

A deep cleansing treatment designed to resurface, refine and restore the skin on the back. Inc a mandelic back peel treatment.

It is recommended carrying out a course of 6 treatments one per week for best results. Great for acne, blocked pores, ingrown hairs.  Pre pay for a course and get one free

Ultra Body Buff  60mins $150

This intense body treatment will exhilarate and quickly eliminate dry, dehydrated skin.  Combining deep exfoliation with massage and finishing with a hydrating botanical oils to plump and nourish all areas of the body that are suffering from dryness.


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