Priori Facial Treatments

PRIORI Facial Treatments

We have a range of peels for all skin types and conditions, from anti-ageing to acne or problem prone skins. We will determine the ideal peel for you during your personalised consultation. If you pre-purchase a course of six peels you will receive a 10% discount. Results are achieved through pre-peel preparation, recommended 7-10 days prior to peels. We assist with prescribing the home care you need for the preparation that will bring optimum results.

PRIORI LCA – Advanced AHA Lactic peel, multi-layer skin renewal and internal moisturisation. Restores radiance and returns the skin to a more youthful healthy appearance.

LCA Peels: $110 – 30% , $140 -50% – 1/2hr Peel. Course of 6 30% peels $550

These peels are for all skin types. To reduce fine lines and wrinkles, to fading age spots and uneven skin tone and texture. A combination of Advanced AHA with LCA complex to restore skin fitness and radiance.  Upgrade to a full wellness facial for superior results.

Wellness LCA Prescription Facial 60 mins $185
A multi-layered skin renewal treatment with Advanced AHA with LCA Complex to restore your skin to basic fitness and radiance. This is a powerful combination of lactic acid and essential vitamin antioxidants ideal for all skin types. The facial includes an intensive skin treatment with face, neck and decolletage massage and mask. Along with a revitalising hand and arm treatment, excellent anti-ageing combined with relaxation.

Supercritical: combats ageing, dryness and thickened skins, as well as sun damage. It protects from future damage.

A treatment with the WOW factor that provides dramatic and visible results while achieving skin rejuvenation with improved elasticity, texture, tone and clarity. Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while brightening thecomplexion. Relax and lose yourself in a wealth of massage plus unique innovative skincareresults! wake up looking radiant and refreshed wth youthful looking skin

Natural anti-ageing skincare with results! Suitable for all skin types, it leaves skin radiant and improves the skin texture, making fine lines and wrinkles less visible. It deeply replenishes skin moisturisation, evens out skin tone and reduces pigmentation when carried out as a course of treatment.

An intensive and relaxing anti-ageing experience that will do the same as the Coffee Berry enzyme peel but includes a complete treatment for the face, decolletage, arms and hands. An all over treatment that will take you to a place of calm and leave you with radiant skin. A must try!

PRIORI EYE TREATMENTS 30mins $50 or with a facial $30
Designed to provide a fast, visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines in the delicate skin around the eyes. Combines our award-winning Firming, Tightening or Smoothing Eye Serums with a unique combination of active ingredients and gentle exfoliating and hydration to your eyes leaving them looking and feeling brighter and younger. Avalialbe in idebenone, coffee berry or lca smoothing. A great add on to any facial or individually as a course of 4-6, one per week. 10% off prepaid courses.


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