LIRA CLINICAL – Customised Facials

Skin is not created equal.    Different approaches to different skin types are required to optimize the best results for our skin. With Kimberlee’s expertise and guidance, you can achieve the skin you have always dreamed of. Kimberlee will create a customised program for your skin including a targeted Smart System homecare program coupled with in-clinic treatments.  

Whatever your concerns, whether it be dull lifeless and lack lustre skin, sun-damage, pigmentation, stressed and fatigued skin, congested and acne or lack of firmness and fine lines, Kimberlee will have the perfect treatment and solution for you.

Kimberlee’s product of choice is LIRA CLINICAL.   As a beauty therapist with many of years of experience she researches and seeks out products that have been thoroughly tested and reviewed in order to deliver the best skin outcomes for her clients.  LIRA CLINICAL provides corrective skincare and peels that deliver optimum skin health.  All products are uniquely designed with advanced ingredient technology offering solutions for all skin concerns. LIRA CLINICAL works on a multifaceted approach with a combination of unique and highly targeted ingredients working on the philosophy of where Science and Nature meet. These ingredients include, powerhouse peptides, botanicals, minerals, vitamins and plant stem cells all combined to create your best skin ever.
Your Smart Skincare System is only a consultation away. 

Lira Smart Peel System

LIRA SMART PEELS have a healing approach to peeling.  This philosophy helps optimize your results with less down time.  Lira does this by formulating their resurfacing solutions with healing minerals, botanical extracts and plant stem cells for cellular repair. For immediate correction, minimising inflammation, overall brightening of skin tone and hydration. Lira peels work smarter, not harder, to obtain optimal results. We suggest you are on Lira Clinical homecare two weeks prior to beginning your salon peels.

Kimberlee, your Lira skin expert, will begin your Smart peel course with a bespoke treatment plan to suit your skins’ needs and your personal requirements. She will slowly build up the level and intensity of your Smart Peels in Salon as your skin treatments progress. The Smart peels can be layered with two – three varying peels in a salon peel treatment.  The highest level of intensity, a peel cocktail, can be tailor made to your specific skin requirements.

Lira Peels and Pricing

Note:  All peels ideally should be carried out fortnightly as a course of four – six treatments, and then monthly thereafter as maintenance, all year round.

Purchase five and get one Free. Talk with Kimberlee for a customised peel program to suit your skin. 

Lira Smart Peels – Level One

*Level One – single application.

VITA BRITE PEEL $135 1/2hr, OR REFRESHER FACIAL $149 45mins, OR as a FULL FACIAL with décolletage massage $190

A great introduction to the Lira Smart Peel System. Packed with incredible enzymes that gently exfoliate whilst respecting skin integrity to reveal beautiful smooth radiate skin. This peel improves overall skin health, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Calms redness and rosacea symptoms whilst strengthening the skin. It also contains an elite blend of Vitamin C, mandelic and salicylic acid, plant stem cells, and botanicals. 

PUMPKIN REFRESH $135 1/2hr, OR PUMPKIN PROBIOTIC POWER DETOX TREATMENT $149 45 mins. OR AS A FULL FACIAL with décolletage massage 1hr $190

If your skin is feeling lack lustre, dull and lifeless, congested and prone to breakouts then the Pumpkin Plus definer will help to renew and refresh. This universal treatment is packed with powerful probiotics to balance and harmonise the skin, antioxidants to protect, plant stem cells to bring new life to the skin, whilst anti-ageing peptides and retinol work on Age Management.  This treatment leaves the skin glowing and revitalised. With little or no down time the pumpkin plus definer is perfect for on-the-go lifestyles. 

LACTIC CLEAR DEFINER – 30 mins – $135

Correct, clear and brighten skin with this Lactic Clear Definer. If Pigmentation, Melasma or Sun Damage is your concern then this is the treatment for you. Correcting discolouration and overall skin tone whilst hydrating and plumping. Perfect for all skin types that want even flawless Skin.  The Lactic Clear contains a unique blend of five different naturally derived acids, plant stem cells, and a botanical formulation.

HYDROXY 30 REBUILDER – 30mins – $135

Lira Clinicals powerhouse rebuilder, focuses on all aspects of Age Management.  Packed with AHAs including Glycolic and Lactic with a good dose of Retinol strengthens and builds a healthier skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, evens out texture. The Hydroxy 30 Rebuilder stimulates skin cells to thoroughly brighten your complexion. 


Packed with exotic fruit pulps and botanical extracts this treatment clears Acne and congestion whilst also working on pigmentation caused by Acne.  BHA acids gently exfoliate deep into the skin pores flushing out debris and toxins and breaks down excess oils on the surface of the skin. Advanced peptides and plant stem cells help heal and rejuvenate skin back to a state of health.


Ideal for acne-prone and oily skin, this resurfacing treatment is effective in managing and reducing acne breakouts and blemishes. Beta Plus replenishes skin health and removes and balances with lightening and tightening with advanced ingredients and multiple botanical extracts. The brightening benefits of this peel help to minimize the appearance of acne scars and pigmentation/melasma.

MINERAL RETINOL SOLUTION 30 mins – $170 – multi layered peel.

This cutting-edge retinol solution offers smooth, flawless, refined skin.  It heals, restores and reveals beautiful skin. Mineral Retinol Solutions has an innovative formulation infused with gold and silver minerals. Plant stem cells and advanced ingredients. 

For an additional $50 this peel solution can be used as an anti-ageing treatment or a secondary booster seal to enhance many other treatments peel. 


This natural green peel herbal exfoliator awakens skin with a combination of unique ingredients. You can combine Green Power with Lira Clinical’s resurfacing solutions, BIO hydrating mineral masque or BIO enzyme cleanser to reach maximum exfoliation. This distinctive product tightens and diminishes fine lines while reducing the appearance of pigmentation and acne scars also.


The gold standard for the treatment of all Age Concerns, the Mineral Jessner Rebuilder is just that, it rebuilds the skin from the bottom up.

This treatment works on loss of volume in the skin, corrects stubborn fine lines and wrinkles, lightens and brightens, and is excellent in reducing the appearance of scars tissue. A beautiful ingredient blend allows for more corrective results with less down time due healing minerals and plant stem cells.

Level Two customised application duo peels                  $165

Level Three customised cocktail application Peels              $195

Level Four cocktail and seal application peel treatment       $235

Lira Clinical Signature Facial

Customised relaxation Signature Facial that includes, face, neck and shoulder massage. 60mins – $145 

Deep cleanse or skin pick me up Facial – including extractions.
30mins – $99

Extra Add-ons to your customised your Signature Facial

  • Vita Brite or Pumpkin power peels – to suit skin needs on the day – $45                                                  
  • Alginate Mask- lifting, firming or purifying – $40
  • Sonophoresis – deep cleansing or product infusion – $20
  • Natural Crystal facial roller – revitalising. This dual-ended massage tool has been handmade from quality, natural crystal and is designed to revitalise the complexion – $20 
  • Ice Ball facial massager- stimulating – boosts collagen and soothe the skin – $20
  • Mystiq Cryo Masque – luxury restoring firming sheet mask, brightening, nourishing with cold therapy, very cooling immediately after a salon peels, or for take home application after peels. $25