Beauty all over

Beauty all over

The latest in roll on strip wax. All wax used is hygienic and fully disposable. Premium quality Hot wax is used for all sensitive areas such as bikini, underarm, eyebrows and facial waxing.

Immediately after your wax

It’s normal immediately after your wax for a little bit of redness and a prickly heat type rash to appear. This should disappear after a few hours, max 24 hours if skin super sensitive and is normally due to a histamine reaction. Because waxing removes the hair at the root, it’s important that you keep the area clean and bacteria free. This means:

– No sunbathing for at least 12 hours (have your waxing done at least the day BEFORE you go on holiday)

– No swimming in a chlorinated pool or spa pools for 24 hours and no hot showers or sauna’s.

– Avoid applying any topical lotions for at least 12 hours (fragrances and other lubricants can cause a burning sensation) wait 24hours before applying tanning creams or solutions.

– Also avoid touching the waxed area to ensure it remains bacteria free

— Between your waxing appointments we recommend you exfoliate regularly and moisturise daily. .

Half leg $45                                     
Three quarter leg $60 Underarm $25
Three quarter leg and bikini $75 Bikini or underarm with any leg wax $25 each
Full leg $70 Bikini  (standard) and underarm $45 together
Full leg and bikini $80 Half arm $30
Thigh and bikini $65

Thigh and brazilian $99

Lip or chin $25 each . 

Lip and chin together $40

Full face wax $65-  inc brows shape $85

Standard bikini wax $35 Full Brazilian $70 – reg 4 weekly $65
Extended high bikini $50-$60 Men’s back or chest $55- $75

Unisex grooming- ear, nose and brow tidy $45


Natural Make-up application following a facial – $25
Day or special occasion makeup – one on one Make-up lessons $65 for 45-60mins or $85 for 60-90mins.
*add $15 for fake lashes.

Using Arbonne pure botanical makeup, chemical free. Ideal for all skin types. Gives exceptional coverage and long lasting. At home make-up available to purchase.
*Book a class with 3-5 girlfriends – free  class – with all purchases on the day.

Spray tan – full body $40 -10 Concession Card $350
Safe, effective sunless tan. Lasts 5-7 days, great for all year round. We recommend you arrive for your spray tan well exfoliated with no body moisturiser on. Wear dark and loose fitting clothes after your tan for 3-4 hours. Takes 8 hours to develop.

Derma-planing/ Epidermal Levelling

Derma-planning $120   1/2hr
Derma-planning followed by an enzyme peel $159   3/4hr
Derma-planning with any facial – additional $69
Derma-planning with NanoFusion – $269   50mins
– This dermaplaning treatment is following by NanoFusion of targeted serums for your skin concerns, a sheet mask to lift, firm, soothe or hydrate. Finishing with a treatment cream/ BB cream/ SP
*Makeup application available on request to finish. $25

What is Derma-planing / Epidermal Levelling?
Is a form of manual gentle microdermabrasion. Derma-planing removes the outermost layer of skin as well as vellous hair, or “peach fuzz” leaving behind smooth and vibrant skin.

A safe, painless and extremely effective clinical treatment which is designed to evenly and deeply exfoliate the skin of the face, in a gentle fashion. This procedure can be done every 4 to 6 weeks.

Why Derma-planning / Epidermal Levelling?
This treatment improves the texture of the skin, reduces fine fair facial hair and helps considerably improve the penetration of active skincare products, such as retinols, lactic & salicylic acids and vitamin c.

Epidermal Levelling uses a specially designed scalpel blade to carefully scrape the dead skin from the treated area. It tends to remove slightly more skin than microdermabrasion, without the suction and pulling at the skin, and also has the benefit of removing any facial hair. This is a brilliant preparation before any salon peels.

Treatment Benefits.
Derma-planing is an important part of all skin care routines as it delivers the following benefits:
removal of dead cell build up minimises congestion and pore blockage increases the rate of new cell turnover in the deeper levels of the skin stimulates the production of the skin’s own collagen and elastin increases the absorption of active skin product, therefore giving your skin a smoother appearance.

To upgrade this treatment and take your skin to the next level we also have the option to finish this with an application of an Enzyme Peel which works to even out the top layers of the skin to smooth away superficial sun damage and discoloration.—this therapeutic levelling peel targets skin-damaging free radicals while gently stimulating collagen for a healthy, youthful finish.

Feet and hands


Here at the Beauty Suite I pride my services on all implements being fully sanitized and sterilized for optimum sanitation with your nail treatments. So you can simple relax and know you are in safe hands.

CND SHELLAC – Gel Nail polish @ The Beauty Suite Auckland.

Shellac is a breakthrough, patent-pending UV technology that combines the ease of polish with the permanence of gels. No other products in the market can stand up to the claim. On like polish, wears like gel, off in minutes! Lasting up to 14 days on finger nails and 6 weeks on toe nails, before re-application is required. They simply grow out with your nail; therefore subsequent visits include the removal and reapplication of your gel polish.

Natural nail Shellac Gel Polish with a full manicure $50 – with French tips or nail art $60.

Reapplication of Shellac Gel Polish to finger nails along with removal & full manicure $60 – with French tips or nail art $70

Removal of Shellac Gels from hands OR feet $25

MINI SPA PEDICURE 30mins $65   – foot soak and scrub with either dry skin buffed away and nails tidied with foot massage OR nails tidied, foot massage followed by cuticle tidy and painted nails with standard nail polish.    – shellac  application additional $10 + 10mins.                                                  

MEDI PEDICURE 1hr $80 standard polish – or with application of Shellac Gel Polish $95 – or without painting $75.
This is the ideal pedicure for hardened and cracked heels. Luxurious foot soak and scrub nail and cuticle tidy, while a glycolic salon-only AHA solution works on removing thickened hard skin on heels leaving them super hydrated and smooth. Massage with a hydrating AHA cream followed by a nail colour application of your choice. To maintain your new smooth feet we recommend regular Medi pedicures 4-6 weekly. GREAT for both MEN and WOMAN!

It’s all in the detail


Permanent hair removal. Disposable needles used for each treatment.
15 mins or less $35
30 mins or less $60
45 mins or less $75
60 mins or less $99


The latest tooth whitening technology. Salon administered treatment, utilising UV Light and hydrogen peroxide strips 6% to create the smile you’ve always dreamed about. Safe, affordable and Long lasting, fast and effective. We recommend one to two 20 minute treatments in the initial session. Can be booked with a manicure or pedicure, or hair colouring in the salon.

$100 for one-off 20 min session 6%    OR $120 for one-off 20min session 12%    OR one 6% followed by one 12% session for maximum effect $190—- all with disposable kits!


A holistic, healing massage that incorporates hot stones, crystals and aromatherapy oils. Mineral rich Basalt stones are heated to a warm temperature and used with massage to draw out the muscle pain and discomfort and deeply relax both your muscles and you. It’s like having a holiday!!  A wonderful add on treatment to your facial treatments for pure pampering.


Eyelash tint $30 – or with facial $25
Eyelash tint and eyebrow shape and/or tint $55;  with facial $40
Eyebrow shape $25   Full brow reshape top and bottom $35
Eyebrow tint $25
Eyebrow shape and tint $45 – or with facial $30

LASH LIFTING – power pad, eye enhancing treatment.

These unique power pads allow your lashes to be lifted and curled for up to 6-8 weeks. Varying sizes are tailored to your lash length and eye shape for the most natural look possible! An eyelash perm that will make your eyes seem bigger and brighter.

Follow with an eye lash tint and darken your enhanced lashes for a look you will love, leaving them appearing longer darker and more luscious than ever.

Lash lift treatment $65
Lash lift and lash tint $75
Lash lift and tint and brow tint and/or shape $99

*NB lash perms can be repeated every 6-8 weeks, lash tint can be repeated every 4 weeks.
**To define your lashes even more and condition them, we recommend Arbonne’s “its a long story mascara”.- pure botanicals, no nasty chemicals or mineral oils. Pure, safe and beneficial makeup!  OR additionally try our Lilash lash growth serum, you will never need fake lashes again with this great combo of Lilash serum at home and 6 weekly lash lifts in clinic.

*** a wonderful treatment for contact lens wearers or people who have difficulty applying mascara. lenses must be removed for the treatment, please bring your lens case and solution to the lash lift appointment.

*All Prices may vary so please enquire when booking. Thanks, the Beauty Suite.

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