~Ashleigh, Auckland; My skin starting breaking out when I turned 15. It was like being trapped inside a teenage nightmare and I felt like a leper and tried to cover my face with my hair and basically withdrew from the world as much as possible.

My doctor prescribed doxycycline hyclate which helped a little and I tried numerous products for teen acne, most of which burned my skin and caused peeling. Eventually, in desperation my mother took me to see Kimberlee at the Beauty Suite Kimberlee prescribed the following Ultraceuticals products: Ultra Clear Foaming Cleanser, the Ultra Clear Treatment Lotion and the Multi Vitamin Daily Moisturiser SPF 15. Within days I noticed a difference. My skin became a lot calmer and the acne cleared up. I have had very few breakouts since I began using these products and I no longer feel like a leper! Very highly recommended, thank you!

~JS, Onehunga I have been seeing Kim for over a year now and she is nothing short of amazing! She has excellent product knowledge and has turned my troublesome skin into a much healthier, more radiant version. Kim knows exactly what treatments to use and is extremely skilled in everything she does. I cannot recommend anyone as much as I do her: a visit to The Beauty Suite is a wonderful, relaxing and rejuvenating experience. To top it off, Kim is just an all round awesome person!

~Felicity Ponsonby.  “Kimberlee is an expert in her craft. She is reliable, efficient, has great technical skill for tricky solutions as well as the ability to provide a relaxing treat or treatment depending on what’s required. She’s also just lovely to be around. Highly recommended.”

~ Cheryl Parnell:  “Kimberlee is just the best in everything she does & a lovely person with it. Always a beautiful experience. Thanks Kimberlee xxx”

~ Nicky City: “Kim is an absolute treasure with great products, fantastic knowledge and darned funny to boot. My skin was a real problem child until she got it sorted. Her facials are just amazing and you really don’t want her to finish! Highly highly recommend!”

~Lesley Meadowbank: “The Beauty Suite is the perfect place for a bit of luxury and TLC. It’s an oasis to relax and rejuvinate in. Kimberlee is a marvel who goes out of her way for her clients and has helped me relax and de-stress many a time. I can’t recommend her enough!!”

~Jules St Johns: “Kim is simply fantastic!  Super-efficient and I come out looking perfect every time.  I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

~Karla city: “Kim is the best Beauty Therapist I have ever met.  Her product knowledge, professionalism, compassion and client care surpasses everything else I have ever come across.  This lady is one in a million and deserves success, admiration and happiness.  Keep up the good work Kimbo.  You Rock!”

~Sarah Mt Albert: “When I started seeing Kimberlee my skin was a mess, she has always used the top products and her knowledge of the skin and how it reacts to the ingredients in her products is amazing. Her facials are divine and she massages so well. I’ve had every treatment on her menu by now and she is fabulous across the board. She is a wonderful woman, so easy to talk to and caring and I always leave feeling so incredible. I’ve never found anyone as good as her in my travels.. She’s the best.”

~Donna Meadowbank: “I recently enjoyed an extremely relaxing manicure with a fabulous result. The Beauty Suite offers such a lovely environment and my nails have never looked so good. Thank you Kimberlee for a friendly, comfortable and relaxing hour and a week later my nails still look wonderful.”

~Jo G, Meadowbank: “I have been a client of Kimberlee’s for around 10 years and that in itself says it all – especially when there are so many beauty therapy options around Auckland. Kimberlee is an exceptional therapist in terms of skills but it is the other things – the whole service/package that sets her apart. You know that she actually cares about her clients and the service she provides – it comes naturally to her rather than making you feel like she’s making an effort! A super technician of her craft and a person of great integrity.”

~Rebbecca S, Wellington; “The Beauty Suite has provided me with quality skincare solutions for many years. Kimberlee has supported me to tackle many stress and hormone related skin problems by carefully researching and recommending different products to meet my changing needs. She compliments her excellent product ranges with facial treatments that are both healing and relaxing. With Kim’s support I no longer have skin problems and I can always rely on The Beauty Suite to ensure I am receiving the best advice. The spray tan service is the best I have ever used with perfect, even results, every time. Even though I no longer live in Auckland I still frequent The Beauty Suite when I am in town and I have my products couriered to me in Wellington when I need them. its great that I haven’t had to worry about finding someone else I can still rely on The Beauty Suite.”

~Karlene; “Kimberlee has been keeping me looking presentable for over a decade now.
Amazingly, she manages to make the process of hair removal, which – let’s face it – is not fun, as painless, comfortable and enjoyable as possible. This is because she has not only developed exceptional techniques for waxing and electrolysis but also because she also has an incredible “bedside manner”. I often get so engaged in the conversation I forget what she is doing!
In addition, she has provided me with invaluable, no-nonsense, advice on the best skincare, makeup and tanning products to use. As a result, my skin is in the best shape it has ever been. Put simply – she is an absolute gem. I don’t know what I would do without her.”

~Ryan; I have been a client of Kimberlee’s for a number of years now. She always has a professional and honest approach when it comes to the care of my skin, and I completely trust her opinions. As I have aged, she has tailored my skin care regime to best suit my skin’s needs, and I am incredibly pleased with the results. I often get comments from friends and acquaintances about how youthful I look for my age, which makes every bit of it worthwhile. More importantly I feel good just knowing that I am caring for my skin, and that I have someone who I can trust to guide me in the right direction.

~Helene, Auckland; I have been a client of Kimberlee’s for over fifteen years and have referred many of my friends to her. Kimberlee is an exceptional beauty therapist and is committed to sourcing high quality products for her clientèle, including the innovative Priori range of anti-aging skincare. My all time favorite treatments with Kimberlee are facials and pedicures – both of which are delivered with care, skill and flair. Kimberlee knows her products and she knows what will suit her
client’s needs. She has a friendly, effervescent personality and one is always assured of a warm and gracious welcome at her clinic. Highly recommended.

~Heather, St Heilers; I have been a client of Kimberlees for some 14 years and have followed her from the City to Greenlane to Remuera even though I live in St Heliers. I have been to many Beauty Therapists over the years and Kimberlee’s experience, service and professionalism are second to none. When you go to the Beauty Suite you know that Kimberlee and only Kimberlee will be doing your treatments. The treatments are so relaxing you never want to leave. As I head towards the dreaded 50, my skin has never looked better and I have Kimberlee to thank for that. For a busy mum with own my business I value my “Beauty Room” time.

~Tracey, Onehunga;I have been in the superb care of Kimberlee at the Beauty Suite for the last 7years. Kimberlee is a tremendously friendly person and shows the utmost professionalism. She expertly tailors her quality products to the requirements of each of her clients individual skin type. She is always in the forefront of new techniques and treatments available.
More than anything I remain loyal to Kimberlee because she is such an effervescent person, her sense of fun is infectious. There are a lot of establishments that offer beauty therapy treatments but Kimberlee offers the whole package – you always leave feeling truly pampered! Tracey


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How I eliminated my pain, inflammation and cured my insomnia of 9 years…

I thought it was time I shared my story …….

After many years of trying A LOT of various creams, potions, holistic therapies, supplements, healthcare professionals and so on, for my back and joint pain, insomnia and fatigue I was beginning to despair.  NOTHING seemed to work!  I suffered for nine years with insomnia and fatigue and for over fifteen years with back pain. I put up with the pain, thinking… it’s job related and unless I change careers there’s not a lot else in can do but manage it.

Then along came my gorgeous daughter. The baby that keeps you awake all night and only slept during the day from pure exhaustion on her part I am sure. Colic, reflux, she had it all and she screamed all night. It wasn’t fun for either of us. Along came phase two for me…. insomnia, I am not one for sleeping during the day so the whole sleep with the baby sleep wasn’t a happening thing for me; I am a woman of action!  And my baby slept only 1 hour between feeds and screaming, so there was not a lot of time for me to begin the sleep cycle before the 3-4 hours were up and it was feeding time again.

My baby and I eventually found losec and she was happy, content and sleeping like nothing before, well shall we just say better than before, she still gets me up at night 9 yrs. on…..  Alas, my ongoing insomnia…. So she was sleeping her regular set sleeps, of course waking in the night but not awake all night- screaming in pain, but there I was awake, night after night….  As a first time mum I did all the usual things mums do, constantly listening out for her to wake and getting no sleep myself, my diet was erratic and I often turned to energy foods that were more often than not, higher in sugar, or coffee to keep me going, hey I switched to decaf thinking that will help….. It didn’t…. so erratic diet, working mamma, child whom didn’t like bed time and took two hours to get to sleep…. This situation led to increased pain and increased insomnia due to inflammatory foods and the lack of sleep causing more pain and inflammation; it was a vicious circle I couldn’t seem to break.

So much joy in our house there was, NOT! After two and half years this situation took its toll and impacted on my marriage which eventually ended. Despite the exhaustion and lack of support I was a typical mum that felt I had to do it all. The old saying if “I knew then what I know now and all…” Yeah, that’s me but hey, life goes on and now I’m a single working mamma. So yeah the insomnia was there for the long haul, through the breakdown of the marriage, through the newly coming to grips with single parenting, through the running my own business and juggling finances alone. Oh the joys of divorce.

As time went by I tried many things to help me sleep, to fix my back pain and nothing worked long term. I might get relief for a day or two or sleep one night out of seven but it wasn’t enough and chronic fatigue was setting in. I had just gotten used to living this way and functioning this way. Many people in my life had no idea how I was feeling or coping. My life became very insular and was all about being the best mum I could be and keeping my business going. I even studied and took a slight side step with my career, I look back and wonder HOW I did any of that at the time, with very little sleep, but I did it and it was just how life was for me. I still had dreams and aspirations but I wasn’t ready to let my body take charge of my life. Some days it put up a good fight however.

During my studying I meet Laura who lives in NYC. She introduced me to an amazing product line.  I was sceptical due to my profession and I wasn’t interested in a random product line that wasn’t clinic only. I was a typical closed minded beauty professional back then. But I trusted Laura and I listened to what she had to say, I spent a few months researching the product and the company before I got involved. I tried the products and fell in love with them. My biggest concern was the business aspect, network marketing. This was new to me and I wasn’t sure it was my cup of tea at all. However, I joined, for the products and it’s the best thing I have ever done, for my business, for my clients, for my future both health wise and financially.

There is a whole skincare line that I instantly fell in love with and my skin has never looked better, I get compliments daily, it’s like I am improving with age and what woman doesn’t want to do that? Then came the nutritional line, it launched in NZ end of  2016, 6 months after I’m become a walking billboard for the skincare, hair care and makeup lines, I then thought well it’s not really my type of thing this whole nutrition thing but I will try it, I get it at wholesale so hey! ☺

Initially I tried the nutritional line to try and loose a little weight, and so I was able to say I have tried it and this is what I think….!  It has worked wonderfully and has helped me maintain my weight along the way, and I love that the programme is so easy for a busy person. I lost 5kg in the first 30 days. Now I do the maintenance programme with a few naughty treats along the way and I have kept off the 6kg I lost for over six months now. It’s amazing for me who finds it tough to lose weight even with exercise and diet; I was the eternal yoyo-err. So to have maintained my 6 kg loss is simply amazing for me.

Nevertheless, it’s the ‘side effects’ that have really hooked me and made me a huge advocate for these products. By doing the Arbonne 30 days of healthy living and beyond it has meant I have lessened or eliminated foods and ingredients that have for years caused massive amounts of inflammation in my system, causing not only chronic back and joint pain but also chronic fatigue paired with chronic insomnia for nine years! I was not doing well at all…….  This programmed has pretty much 99% cleared my inflammation and in turn stopped my chronic pain. No more chronic fatigue and I am sleeping like a baby most night for the first time in 9 years, due to the simple fact that my body is no longer in constant pain and I am getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals my body has craved for years, in the exact dose that I need to lead a healthy and happy life. Literally sleeping 7-8 hr most nights AND I feel amazing.  I have energy again, my moods and hormone levels are better than EVER, and I hardly every think about pain as it’s very rarely noticeable. It flares up literally if I have increased sugars from sweet treats or alcohol, or if I don’t get enough sleep. If I avoid those foods and sleep, I am pain free. I am not spending a fortune anymore on healthcare practitioners and potions or taking drugs to get to sleep. If I simply stick to my healthy living programme I am my old self again after 9 yrs. of …….. Well let’s call it a very challenging time that I can gleefully say it is over and I am looking forward to a healthy and happy life once again.

The future looks bright!

If you would like to learn more about my healthy living programme or this business call me and let’s chat. 100% guaranteed you will fall in love, like I have, or your money back! I promise!

Let me mentor you into the best YOU there is…

– Kimberlee Sweeney.

  1. ESTROGENS – the female hormone responsible for so much in health, relationships and wellbeing. -by Kimberlee Sweeney Comments Off on ESTROGENS – the female hormone responsible for so much in health, relationships and wellbeing. -by Kimberlee Sweeney