Why do we need essential fatty acids in our daily diet?

By Kimberlee Sweeney
One of the most pervasive forms of nutritional starvation we experience today is for essential fatty acids, not only our internal bodies but also for our skin too. You all ask me why my skin looks so great.  Well it is not attributed to just all the amazing skincare and facials I treat my skin with, it is also internal well-being too. Good nutrition and high quality Omegas, lots of water, vitamins and minerals all have an impact on our skin.    A good night’s sleephelps too and you will only get that good night’s sleep once you have a healthy dose of quality daily nutrition and essential vitamins and minerals in your system. It has taken me many years to figure this all out and to cure my insomnia and chronic fatigue. Read my post – inflammation and pain and insomnia to learn more. Continue reading



Acne, zits and pimples!  We all have them, all ages all genders, they just keep popping up. (Pun intended☺)  But how do we minimize them?  The good news is, “we can”!  Let me share some insights on how to regulate the oiliness of your skin and have a clearer problem-free skin.acne

Diet and Hormones

If you can get your diet and hormones under control you are well on your way to healthier skin. Fresh vegetables and a healthy balance of protein are essential. Decrease sugary foods and drinks and drink 1½ – 2 litres of H²O daily! Avoid processed foods and eating out of packets. A short period of detoxification can also be very useful. To help kick start your detox and begin a new healthier way of life. Continue reading