Karma Rub


kamarubI have personally tried many many medicines, and therapies for me troublesome neck and insomnia and this is the 1st product I have had such amazing success with! You can apply it to your troublesome areas yourself twice a day and feel instant relief! I love this product so much so that I have had it sent over myself from Australia for you all to try. I highly recommend and feel that most households will benefit from Karma Rub in one way or the other. Once purchased please feel free to email me your findings, and let me know if you are happy for me to share your feedback verbally or on my website for other clients to benefit too. See below for more detailed info. Regards Kimberlee

What the experts say……… “Magnesium deficiency is widespread but undetected because of the role of Magnesium, not only in the plasma, but intracellular.” (blood and at the cellular level) “ Based on experience many patients with so called exclusion diagnosis (as for example attention deficit disorder (ADHD) or chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) would have their symptoms improved through MG therapy. – Similarly, patients with diagnosis of depression, epilepsy, diabetes mellitus, tremor, Parkinsonism, arrhythmias, circulatory disturbances (stroke, cardiac infarction, arteriosclerosis) hypertension, migraine, cluster headache, cramps, abdominal pain, osteoporosis, asthma, stress dependent disorders, tinnitus, ataxia, confusion, preeclampsia, weakness, might also be consequences of the magnesium deficiency syndrome ”

Relief of muscle cramp


Relief of muscular aches and pains

Muscle and bone strength

Energy production

Relief of stress symptoms

Restless sleep

MAGNESIUM is known to assist with

Maintenance of normal blood pressure in healthy individuals

Relief of premenstrual breast tenderness and mood changes

Relief of menstrual pain

Cardiovascular health

KARMA RUB is a naturally, Australian sourced, Magnesium Chloride. Because it is naturally sourced it has trace elements of Zinc, Iron, Copper, Lithium and Calcium within it.


Karma Rub is a totally natural product. You can swallow Karma Rub but it tastes like bitter salt water. Some of our clients do mix it with lemonade to take internally but research has shown that the body absorbs more magnesium via magnesium chloride through the skin than Magnesium tablets or powders taken orally.

Because Karma Rub is a natural product the body will be absorbed within minutes. Although it has a bitter salt water taste clients have been known to use Karma Rub as a mouth wash when they have problems with their gums and teeth. As we have said Karma Rub is a totally natural product – it is not poisonous or toxic.

Karma Rub does not stain clothes. To make sure that it has totally absorbed into the body, you can wipe the skin area with a damp cloth after about ten minutes. Karma Rub will leave a thin layer of very fine salt on the surface of the skin after it has been absorbed.

Karma Rub feels oily but it is not oil based. The High magnesium content of Karma Rub makes the fluid feel oily but as we have said it dries within minutes and leaves a very thin layer of salt on the skin.

To apply Karma Rub to the skin just use a couple of drops at a time. Because of the high magnesium content of the liquid, Karma Rub smears very easily across skin. Four drops will cover both hands, four drops will cover an adult’s foot and four drops will cover the lower half of your back.

You apply Karma Rub where you think it is needed most. Don’t be afraid to use Karma Rub more than once in a day. As it is totally natural the body will use what it needs and then excrete the rest through normal bodily functions.

We have learnt that clients use Karma Rub at the base of their spine and the soles of their feet before going to bed for restless sleep. People smear Karma Rub on their joints twice a day and have also been known to use it on their necks and temples during stressful times.

Many people have heard that using mineral springs or swimming in the Dead Sea can help with skin disorders or help relax the body. Think of Karma Rub as a mineral spring in a bottle. You don’t need to use a lot to cover fairly large areas of the body – just a few drops at a time.

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