Why do we need essential fatty acids in our daily diet?

By Kimberlee Sweeney
One of the most pervasive forms of nutritional starvation we experience today is for essential fatty acids, not only our internal bodies but also for our skin too. You all ask me why my skin looks so great.  Well it is not attributed to just all the amazing skincare and facials I treat my skin with, it is also internal well-being too. Good nutrition and high quality Omegas, lots of water, vitamins and minerals all have an impact on our skin.    A good night’s sleephelps too and you will only get that good night’s sleep once you have a healthy dose of quality daily nutrition and essential vitamins and minerals in your system. It has taken me many years to figure this all out and to cure my insomnia and chronic fatigue. Read my post – inflammation and pain and insomnia to learn more.

The term “essential” means that we have to have the nutrient and our bodies must get that Nutrient from an outside source— just like a vitamin. Our bodies can manufacture certain types of fats, but we have no choice but to get essential fatty acids from the food we eat. The main types of essential fatty acids that we need on a daily basis are Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

Very few foods in our modern diet have omega-3s. We now have proportionally twenty times more omega-6 fatty acids than omega-3 fatty acids. This unnatural imbalance causes inflammation, which is a major FAT activator in our bodies! I have been recommending EFA’s to clients for years, for skin and hormonal imbalances.  However, it would seem many people avoid taking essential fatty acids due to the fact they either think their skin is already oily enough or they are on a “low fat diet” but do not realise how important EFA’s are for both our “diet”, overall well-being and their “skin’ too!  A low fat diet, more so, requires you to supplement with EFA’s on a daily basis, if you want optimal skin and body health, and for your skin and body to find its own natural hormonal balance and more regulated oil flow it also requires EFA’s. EFA’s have a huge effect on the natural hormonal balance of your entire system and works amazingly at regulating your hormonal surges at “that time of the month”! If you suffer from chronic PMT/PMS, then YOU need Omega’s in your life, if you suffer from over active oily skin YOU need Omega’s in your life, if you suffer from dry skin YOU need Omega’s in your life. Peri, post or menopausal- omega’s! You get the drift…. WE all actually need Omega’s for one reason or another, from any age, there are kids chewable available on the market also, great way to get their cognitive eye and brain functions working optimally.

Countless scientific studies have shown that adding omega-3 fatty acids helps to “switch off” fat cells holding onto unwanted toxins. Therefore, it is next to impossible to lose weight on a consistent, permanent basis without having a sufficient, daily supply of quality omega- 3 fatty acids.  Studies have also shown that omega-3 fatty acids are effective in improving a range of conditions including:

  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Heart disease
  • Type-2 diabetes
  • Inflammation
  • Aches and pains
  • Arthritis
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Balance hormones
  • Lubricate stiff joints
  • Improve cognitive functions, supporting eye and brain health
  • Lowers high cholesterol
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves eczema and dermatitis and psoriasis

NB. if you are taking prescription medicines check with your GP that Omega’s are right for you.

The reason that we are lacking in omega-3s is that they’re very easily corrupted. Too much exposure to heat, sunlight, and oxygen will destroy them as will most cooking and preservation methods—so any type of processed or packaged foods no longer contain viable omega-3 fatty acids. Most of the sources of fat we eat are from vegetable oils, meat, and dairy products. The majority of vegetable oils are mainly composed of processed, corrupted, unusable omega-6 fatty acids and contain an extremely detrimental form of fat called Tran’s fats. Meat and dairy products used to contain omega-3 fats, but now they are mostly saturated fats—the result of feeding cows grain rather than grass, apparently! We are so severely deficient in omega-3 fatty acids that this is possibly the number one type of physical stress that triggers the body to store fat.

So what is the solution? Don’t go a single day without getting your essential fatty acids Especially omega-3.

How to Get More Uncorrupted Omega-3s into Your Diet.

Flaxseed oil is a very rich source of omega-3s. Use it in salads and salad dressings, as it is not a cooking oil. Flaxseed oil becomes rancid very easily when exposed to heat, sunlight, or oxygen. For this reason, you should keep the oil refrigerated for maximum effectiveness and use it only on food that is cold. Ground flaxseeds (linseeds) are excellent because they not only contain omega-3s but they also have protein and fibre. You can buy preground

Flaxseeds, but as soon as you grind them up, the oils start to become rancid. So it’s best to

Buy the seeds whole and grind them fresh in a coffee grinder every morning. Then sprinkle them on most of my food throughout the day. You can put them on almost anything—even dessert or into your bliss balls—for a nice nutty taste and texture.

  • Eat more fish, especially Coldwater fish, and fish caught in the wild as opposed to “farmed “or aqua-cultivated fish.   Always remember not to over-cook fish. If you deep fry fish, you are left with no semblance of usable omega-3s. As it is, you are lucky to retain about 30 percent of the oils, no matter how you cook it. Also, if the fish is farmed, the oil is higher in omega-6 fatty acids and lower in omega-3s.
  • Eat organic meat and organic dairy foods from grass-fed animals. If the animal is not grass-fed, then the fat is all saturated fat, not essential fats, so this only applies to grass-fed meat and dairy products.
  • Use omega-3-enriched eggs. These are eggs that are produced by chickens that have been fed flaxseeds. Boiled eggs have more uncorrupted omega-3s than fried eggs because the temperature of boiling water is lower. I recommend that in addition to eating more of these foods every day, you also supplement your diet with omega-3 capsules, 2 x essential fat capsules, only translates to 100 calories of fat. That’s less fat than what is contained in a small serving of potato chips. The difference here is that this extra fat is the kind your body is starving for.
    I sell and highly recommend Arbonne Essentials Omega-3 Plus capsules, 2 capsules daily with meals. This is the quickest and simplest way to get your daily dose of omegas.
  • The Arbonne Omega-3 plus capsules –supplements.  Not only contain your essential daily requirements but Omega-3 Plus contains two omega-3 fatty acids alpha linoleic acid (ALA) from flax seed oil and DHA from algae which help support eye and brain health and support overall health and wellness. These are both Vegan forms of EFA’s and Arbonne use vegan gluten free soft gel capsules that abide with their vegan certifications.

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Frying Oils

When you heat oil to frying temperature, you usually destroy any of the beneficial

Properties of the oil. However, some oils are better than others for cooking. The best ones are organic butter, olive oil, and coconut oil. Coconut oil is a saturated fat, but it is a “mediumchain”saturated fat. Some researchers claim that these medium-chain saturated fats (MCSFs) are actually beneficial for weight loss because they speed up the metabolism. I cannot comment on that, but it is a fact that MSCFs can withstand high temperatures and not get corrupted, so whatever is beneficial about them will at least be preserved. Fats are just the first of the big three. Proteins are vital too of course. Personally, I get my daily dose of quality plant based protein from Arbonne vegan protein powders, you can make healthy smoothies for the whole family, add it to pancakes/waffles/baking/desserts and so much more. Check out my healthy living page for more protein packed recipes.

I hope this blog has encouraged you to get your daily does of EFA’s to improve your weight management as well as cognitive functions and simply anti-ageing skin supplement from the inside out! #behealthy #glowingskin #inside&out #belikeme #balancehormones

By Kimberlee Sweeney
Coach, beauty therapist, business mentor.
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