It’s all about the Eyes!

It’s all about the Eyes!

We all know the eye area is one of the first places to show visible signs of ageing. This is largely due to the skin being extremely delicate and thin, becoming thinner with age- (unlike our bodies)- alas leaving this area extremely vulnerable to the appearance of dark circles, bags or puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. As we age our skin loses collagen and elastin, which makes the skin even thinner. Which in turn makes veins and pigmentation around the eyes all the more visible. Sometimes what appear to be dark circles may merely be shadows cast by the hollows under the eyes. These hollows develop as a normal part of the aging process in some people. Others may have puffiness or fatty pads begin to develop as we age, this is due to the weakening of the skin and plasma fluid leakage that accumulates under the eyes manifesting as eye bags. Ageing skin around the eyes becomes less elastic which contributes to the droopiness in our overall eye area.

And then there are the wrinkles… oh yes!

The eye area is surrounded by several muscles that contract with facial expressions.
With the passing of time the structural support provided by the skins collagen and elastin begin to lose its integrity. As a result, the area becomes more vulnerable to facial movements such as squinting or laughing contributing to wrinkles or crow’s feet. UV radiation on the skin also causes your collagen and elastin breakdown, which is why it’s imperative to wear SPF 30/50 daily, as well as protect the face and eye area with hats and sunglasses while outdoors.

Before deep set wrinkles they are often just fine lines….. The 1st sign of ageing often….. This is when you should definitely consider treating the eye area with a specific eye cream to suit the condition of your eye area. When the skin around the eyes is dehydrated fine lines or wrinkling around the eye area can look more exaggerated than need be. An effective eye cream will lessen the visible sings and reduce the effects of ageing, and give you are more youthful appearance. The delicate eye area must be treated with products that are specifically designed to promote skin tolerance and provide a complete skin care regime for the delicate eye area, treat the core concerns and provide optimised hydration for safe and effective results.

For an additional boost a specific mask for the delicate eye area 1-2 x per week with help awaken and energise the eyes, boost hydration levels and give you a more youthful complexion. And also the gentle removal of eye makeup is vital to the delicate eye area, get yourself a cleanser specifically developed for the removal of eye makeup that will maintain the structure and integrity of this delicate eye tissue and keep it from prematurely ageing.

If I can share one piece of advice, before investing hundreds of dollars in injectable around the eye area, invest in some good eye treatment products, as home and in salon. Prevention is cheaper and way more effective and really there is no cure, aging happens, but we can slow it down with active skincare and good salon treatments. Take care of the skin 1st as it’s the only skin you have, one day you do have to consider stopping with injectable but you never have to stop using the correct skincare. If you would like some advice on what would suit your skin and eye area, book a complimentary 15min consultation, so we can give you the best advice possible.

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